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Hiawyn Oram has had a long primary career as a writer of children's books, poetry, lyrics and scripts.   Her latest of more than a 100 books, NINE WORLDS IN NINE NIGHTS (UK) or LOST IN THE IMAGINATION (USA) was recently published.   She began drawing and painting more than 20 years ago after going on a sculpture course under Abigail Downer that led her on to life drawing and painting.  Continuously experimenting with oil, acrylic, charcoal, inks and pastels in different combinations she paints figurative, impressionist and abstract pieces led by the emotional impact of what she sees or feels.  To date her work has been sold through the Hepsibah Gallery in London, the Long Brick Wall at the Anglesea London, and ARTISTS AT HOME, together with many private sales.

Her author website is:

As Time Has Gone By
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